Our therapists fabricate custom splints and orthotics to aid healing.

Image for Upper Extremity Orthosis Fabrication

South Sound Physical Therapy's custom orthotics help patients recover from overuse injuries, sprains, chronic conditions, and surgeries. An orthotic or splint can be custom-fabricated for patients onsite, often while they wait. After an evaluation, the process begins with either making a physical casting or taking detailed measurements. The device is built around a model of the affected body part, and is then individually fitted to the patient. At South Sound Physical Therapy, we support you when, and where, you need it most.

Image for Upper Extremity Orthosis Fabrication

Here are just a few of the custom devices we can provide onsite:

  •       CMC splints
  •       Ulnar dorsal blocking splint
  •       Flexor/extensor splint
  •       Resting elbow splint
  •       PIP flexion/extension splint
  •       Radial nerve injury extension splint
  •       Fracture bracing
  •       Resting volar wrist splints
  •       Resting hand splints
  •       Dupuytrens
  •       Silver ring splint
  •       Gamekeepers splint
  •       Status post cubital tunnel surgery long arm splint

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