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With the region’s largest team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists®, IRG will take you or your athlete to a new level of performance and confidence in sports. Age and experience-based programs ensure athletes are training at correct levels with an emphasis on proper technique for any sport. We provide optional monthly athletic assessments to ensure that you are getting the results you’re looking for.

Each training session is 90 minutes long and is comprised of two key components of athletic development.

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Movement development: 

  •         Dynamic flexibility
  •         Sports-specific biomechanics training programs
  •         Reaction and coordination
  •         Energy systems
  •         Development and conditioning
  •         Proven injury prevention systems

Strength development: 

  •         Strength training with certified performance specialists
  •         Core strength
  •         Power development
  •         Multi-joint and multi-planer strength
  •         Development sports-specific training programs
  •         Off and in-season programs
  •         Integrated injury reduction and continuing rehabilitation

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